ungated with Sony

If I get ungated with Sony , will I be able to sell playstation or would I need a PlayStation specific invoice? I see when I go to the request approval button on certain listings , ’playstation ‘ is the brand with no mention of Sony.

You’d be able to sell it. Problem is how. The bundles are in stock in most retailers and on PS direct now. You are looking at trying shift a digital for £200 over rrp to make any money at all with fees..I don’t know anyone whose shifted one recently on Amazon for £600+ (Whose later not had a return or A to Z)

Tracking rate is below the 95%

For my FBM stock I got a message from amazon that my valid tracking rate is below the 95% threshold. I’ve only started selling some products as FBM but I use royal mail pick and drop which is synced to my amazon account. It generates a tracking ID but is there a way to automate the process so I don’t need to manually put in the tracking ID to seller central for each order?

What service are you using? Only tracked 24/48 is going to make the 95% or use Amazon buy shipping linked to your RM

I heard reports that the posties still don’t scan all of the signed for, especially on LL’s, but maybe they’ve improved on it.

 I’ve had experience with them not scanning tracked 24/48s too, left our premises knowing we’ve given

Returning to selling in the EU

I’m planning on returning to selling in the EU, it’s been about three years since since I stopped. I’ve registered for VAT in Germany and firstly will only store goods in Germany. At this point I’m not interested in pan-Euro FBA.

I am considering doing EFN from Germany to other EU countries though so I’ve a few questions:

1) where in Amazon do you go to switch that on? I don’t want to EFN from the UK which is where most of my stock is currently based. So want to make sure I flick the right switch

2) Do EU citizens not in Germany, that buy from Germany pay a higher postage cost? I know there will be additional EFN fees I’ll incur for these customers, I just want to make sure I price accordingly.

3) How are removal orders handled for damaged returns etc? Can you remove to a UK warehouse from Germany? Sounds expensive!

You can find this in your settings and fulfilment by Amazon settings. You need to get Vat registered in Germany to use FBA in Germany and also returns won’t come from Germany to the U.K. you’ll have to set up a forwarding address in the eu to your U.K. address!

Sell my own product on Amazon

I want to sell my own product on Amazon. I already created an Amazon Seller account and got verified. Now, I dont know how to add my products as I dont have barcodes. Should I sell as generic or do I need a branding? Thanks.

ou will have to purchase the barcode and if you want to do value addition, you will still create the listing with the same barcode, no need for another. Value addition makes your product unique from other sellers And Brand Registry protects your listing from wholesalers and hijackers

Yes, you can sell as a generic or own a brand. What you are missing is the UPS barcode used to upload the listing, which you need to purchase from the GS1 website

Private Label FBA

The process of selling on Amazon is the same for the most part. However, we have to take a few extra steps when selling a private label product.
Once we set up our Amazon account, here’s what we need to do to list our item on the platform and start selling:

The process of selling on Amazon is the same for the most part. However, we have to take a few extra steps when selling a private label product. Once we set up our Amazon account, here’s what we need to do to list our item on the platform and start selling:

Since our product is brand new, there won’t be an existing listing for it. So, we’ll have to create one from scratch. Make sure to optimize our listing with high-quality images of our product, an enticing product description, and a list of all the product’s features and benefits.

Although not mandatory, it’s a good idea to enroll in Amazon’s Brand Registry Program. This will give us access to several marketing features to help us promote our brand and protect us from trademark infringement.

Once our listing is live, it’s a good idea to use some advertising to promote it. Amazon PPC ads are a great way to raise awareness of new products and will help us generate more sales while we’re still establishing our brand. The above information will provide us with the essential steps we need to take to start selling private label products on Amazon. Following Are Tips and Tricks to start the journey

To sell our product on Amazon, it must have a UPC code. Barcodes are easy to obtain, and we can buy one from GS1. Just be careful of barcode resellers, as this is not a legitimate way to buy UPC codes.

It’s also a good idea to get a manufacturer part number from our supplier. Although not required, this number is used in Amazon searches and could increase the visibility of our listing.

When we sell our own private label product, we’ll need to develop our own branding and packaging. If we don’t know how to do this ourselves, we can hire a designer from sites like Upwork, or Fiverr. We should be able to get professional-looking branding for a reasonable price.

Some items, like clothing, fashion, and other apparel items, are restricted, and we’ll need approval from Amazon to sell them. If we’re interested in selling these types of products, look into the many ungating services available, as they can help us unlock these categories.

If our product is incredibly unique, it may be eligible for a patent. By filing a patent, we can prevent other sellers or other companies from copying our design.

Selling private label items on Amazon is an excellent business strategy, and anyone can do it. And once we establish our brand, we can create multiple products to sell to grow our business even further. If we’ve always dreamed of having our own unique brand and products, now is the time to make it happen.

Create a new offer

It asks me to create a new offer and select Amazon barcodes but when I create a new offer I don’t get the option to choose between manufacturer and amazon barcode. Anyone knows how to fix that?

Amazon’s GS1 secret?

Did you already know Amazon’s GS1 secret? 🤫

Today, if you buy a barcode from GS1, you have to keep paying for it. But other sites only ask you to pay once.

What gives?

Those other companies are selling GS1 barcodes that were made pre-2002. 🗓

Those barcodes are actually in GS1’s system. It’s all legit.

prep centre for Germany

Can anyone recommend an FBA prep centre for Germany?

Regional express offer good transport to and from Amazon centres as well as 3PL services. They’re my go to for these sorts of things!

Tax/duty for stock coming from China

how do you pay import tax/duty for stock coming from China? do I need to reach out to HMRC or they will contact me?

Your shipping agent will supply a bill that you’ll need to pay when it hits port.

Otherwise they won’t release it from port.