my name and home address on box

Do I need to put my name and home address on box label? or my company name and virtual address on box label?

Answer: No need to put your address or name…. Just put box labels…… Box dimension can’t exceed 63.5cm from any side and weigh less than 23.1 kg. If you are sending from outside country would need to put country of origin too

Print UPC barcode or FNSKU barcode on the packaging?

Do I need to print UPC barcode or FNSKU barcode on the packaging? or is it better to stick label? Would I need any other labels like warning label?


If you personally send the items to Amazon’s warehouse, you can place the labels yourself before shipping.You can pay a fee to Amazon and they will take care of it.If your items go from the supplier directly into Amazon’s warehouse, you have to email the FNSKU labels to the supplier and have him print the FNSKU barcodes on the packaging or place FNSKU labels on the boxes.The FNSKU labels have to be placed above the UPC barcodes (if the UPC codes are on there), covering them.

UPC barcode for my packaging or the FNSKU barcode

I am just wondering if I should use the UPC barcode for my packaging or the FNSKU barcode? Right now my FNSKU is the same as my ASIN which doesn’t seem right. Any help would be appreciated Note: I am using Amazon UK

Answer: FNSKU goes on the product mate.  EAN/ UPC are used to create the listing


Could I please ask for someone’s advice on barcodes for Amazon FBA? Do you use both your GS1 (GTIN-13) and an Amazon FNSKU barcodes on your products when you ship them into an Amazon FBA warehouse? Where exactly do you place both of them – on the product box, on the shipping boxes? Can you incorporate either or both of these barcodes into your customised packaging design when you have your own box design printed? Or do they have to be stuck on as labels? If possible, I would like to include the barcodes on the packaging design because this will save on having to print barcode labels… is that possible?? My understanding is that you need a GS1 (GTIN-13) barcode in order to create an Amazon listing. And then the Amazon FNSKU barcodes allows Amazon to differentiate your product from other sellers as well as organise it in their warehouse. But does this mean that you should put one type of barcode not another or both?


Your understanding in the last paragraph is correct. You need a UPC/EAN barcode to create your listing. This is to tell amazon that this product is valid. Once the listing is made, you no longer need this barcode. You can downloaded your own FNSKU/ASIN barcodes which are specific to your product. This will now need to go on the outer layer of your product packaging. Your can either get it integrated into a packaging design or have it stuck onto the product. Just don’t put 2 barcodes on 1 product!Your shipping boxes are a whole different thing. You will get your barcodes for those when it comes to creating a shipping plan !! So don’t worry bout that yet !

Sale Dropped over 50% in the last few days

My sale Dropped over 50% in the last few days. my ad is showing on top of the search and ranking is good as well. increased my bids and budget but still very low conversion. My ranking on keywords is good but Amazon is keep rotating my listing from the top 10 to the 2nd page. not getting enough sales during the day but constantly getting sales between 8pm to 10pm only from last few days.Competitors’ BSR is stable. I haven’t changed anything, My price is lower than the competitor’s. over 800 reviews on listing with 4.5 ratings. Has anyone faced this issue before? any solution?

Answer: Very hard to know a direct cause with this information mate.Fortunately 7 days is a short timeframe to worry about ideally we would check over longer timeframes

Advertise a custom branded

What’s the best way to advertise a custom branded product on Amazon?I have only ever sold already branded products (with permission). Which is working fine, but I want to branch out into my own branding as well.

Answer: Get brand registered with IPO. Or have a limited co. Then brand reg with Amazon. Create a store. Run a brand PPC. That’s what I’ve done.

Printers for labels

What printers do people use for printing the amazon labels. I have a thermal 6 x 4 printer but want one just for labels for amazon. I usually pay amazon to do it but now im sending in a lot more stuff i could save my self thousands links down below please

Answer: I’m using Zebra ZD420. It’s a dream. If you’re doing volume, this machine prints 300+ labels in less than 2 minutes (my estimates). Buy ink rolls from Feed My Zebra. Get 4×6 labels FREE from Royal Mail. That said, we can’t wok out how to go wireless with the Zebra.

Payment methods

I no longer use Alibaba for payments as I’ve been stung recently where they’ve not helped when I received a poorly made product. The supplier I wish to use does not accept PayPal as they’ve had issues withdrawing money. They are suggesting a bank transfer which I’ve refused as it offers me no protection. What other method can I use?


Only Alibaba and PayPal have trade guarantee, it is recommended that you can collect samples before placing orders with suppliers, and place bulk orders after samples are satisfied

If this supplier of yours does not support PayPal, then you change a supplier!

Trust has to be on both side. I would never work with a supplier who refuses to work with TA or Paypal. Think about it, if they refuse…how are they conducting business? Either you’re going to be conned or sent rubbish. Propose 50% advance, after receipt of goods you’ll pay the rest! If they don’t, I’d walk away. If it’s an Indian supplier, run!

If you pay via credit card you can have some protection I believe