Manufacturer can not provide us with a vat receipt

So we now hit the vat mark, our Manufacturer can not provide us with a vat receipt / vat paid when entering the country. What do we do ? As if we Can not claim vat paid on order means we loose our current 20% proffit please help

Normally on EXW, your shipping agent will give you an invoice for your VAT payment to be made upon import. Then you can reclaim it back during vat returns. There may be another way to do it, but reclaiming the VAT you’re charged upon import is normally the way it’s done.

Get my money out of an Amazon-banned account

Has anyone any idea how to get my money out of an Amazon-banned account. We have appealed for 2 years now, and finally, support admitted its worthless to keep doing it. They however have £3000+ of my money sat in the account, can I take amazon to a small claims court to get this out?

 I’ve found threatening to go to the U.K. financial ombudsman normally gets the result you need. They’re likely the best party to approach for getting your money back for this. Small claims court could also work and may be the suggestion of the U.K. financial ombudsman, but they’re one of the few bodies who amazon May fear slightly 

Brand registered but unable to change the images

I have had a brand registered product on Amazon since 2018. Recently I am unable to change the images or main image. When I contacted Amazon they said someone else now owns the page and I need to contact the winning contributor.

However they will not advise me who this is or how to contact them. Has anyone else had this issue or can offer any advise? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Go to brand registry page on Amazon open a case. Do you sell your brand on different Amazon sites? If you do you might need to give yourself permission to use the brand on another Amazon site. I’ve had a similar issue selling my brand on Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

How can you own the brand but not the product page? That’s the whole point of been brand registered.  i think your confused. U can’t own the brand but not edit the product. Even if their is an issue with a branded item you own you can tell seller support and within 1 hour as an urgent message they can correct it

Leave product reviews instead of seller reviews

Does anyone have a strategy for pushing customers to leave product reviews instead of seller reviews? I have so many 5 stars for my products but always left as seller feedback. I don’t think most customers understand the difference.

I sold my FBA business but we used to use the ‘request a review’ button on each order. This is the ‘legit’ way to do it that breaks no rules and does send customers directly to the post a review page.

Use follow up emails and in that follow up email, as for a review, don’t suggest either positive or negative. And also when you ask for the review, leave a url to leave a review (amazon urls are allowed) and this should increase your rate of reviews massively!

Need some advice please, my daily sales on seller central dashboard are showing very different figures to the daily sales when I check them on campaign manager.

Campaign manager shows the sales are around nearly double compared to the day or the month than they show on my seller central dashboard, I opened a ticket with amazon but got this reply which doesn’t really explain what my actual sales are, would be great if anyone can help, thanks in advance

Answer:  Campaign manager is not accurate and has a bit of lag. Your sales figure on your seller central is the right number. The campaign data can take up to 48 hours to update with new sales. So a sale made on Monday can show up as a sale against your campaign account n Wednesday. The number on your seller central home page is the accurate one!

Clothing line on Amazon

If I want to start my own clothing line on Amazon from the same account where I do RA is it going to be a problem ?

Secondly I wanted to list the item as a generic brand and create completely a new listing ( if I do so is it going to be a PL or other seller might join me ?

If you are buying / selling the clothing as the same business then no issue, if it’s your brand then you own the rights and others sellers are not allowed to join you

CBD brand

I was wondering if I could get some insight from anyone who could help? 

A friend of mine had a successful CBD brand,  has all the necessary licenses and certifications to sell legally around the world.

We are looking to start a listing on Amazon, but we know it’s a gated process and there is an invite only scheme going on in order to create a listing.

Does anyone here know how we could create a listing on Amazon or if anyone has advice on who I could contact to set this up?

I have worked with clients selling CBD products in the recent past. What I would say is that amazon are very against it in general. Since you’ve not already started selling, if you’re going to start a brand on Amazon, I would recommend against CBD and considering another product idea. Not that CBD won’t work, but it will be a very steep uphill battle!

Start selling in Amazon USA

We want to start selling in Amazon USA. We currently have a UK Ltd, VAT registered and we are selling in Amazon UK.

Does anyone know, from experience only, what tax obligations we will have ? Also is there anyone who could do this process for us (probably VA or accountant ) ?

Sale produce in us through Amazon or your own website, the tax liabilities are: sales tax and income tax.

In most states, based on platform facilitated rule, amazon is labile for sales tax collection. However, if you sale via your own website, then you need file sales tax and corporate income tax.

Ask for a vat invoice

So my suppliers seemed shocked when I ask for a vat invoice.

Now we are vat registered we need to claim back the vat that we have paid. Has anyone has issues with this or another way of getting invoice of the vat we have paid ?

They wont charge you vat if they are out if the Uk which i presume they are. thats the freight company you pay to – should get a certificate through the post to say was paid/ vat only bill from them

Product is Unfulfillable

I have sent FBA Inventory and they have said my Product is Unfulfillable by them. I am trying to open Case Log as the products are in good condition. Can you let me know where can I find the Transaction ID? As I can’t open Case Log without Transaction ID.