Amazon has blocked our merchant fulfilled

Amazon has blocked our merchant fulfilled orders since last 1 year as we had some issues with dispatched last year during lockdown. Due to which they are allowing us to list products only if we dispatch the stocks to FBA. I have 400 sku and it’s not practical for us to send all 400 sku to FBA. Because of this our sales have dropped. They have asked us to submit a business case on what changes we will make in order to release our account and I have submitted this almost every month but they are still unhappy with it and are not removing this restriction from our account. Can anyone help please?


Please do not commit the mistake of creating two accounts on the same credentials or IP they will get suspended stating that it is linked with another account that is suspended because of violating the policies of Amazon. It is not about the documents but using two accounts on the same IP and Wifi leads you to linked account suspensions,Please share the suspension notification which you have received about your seller fulfilled model. To know the actual and root cause of the issue

How it’s possible for such low prime listing

Can someone explain to me how it’s possible for such low prime listing on some products when the FBA fees alone come up to that price. Am I missing something ?

Answer: Sold by Amazon with 999 stock availability. This has happened to myself and depending on how many units I have left I’ll just sell out at a small loss to move my stock or I’ll create a removal order and keep the stock until Amazon disappear from the listing.

My products are heavy

I am a newbie and doing fba. Most of my products are heavy. As I am providing next day delivery with dpd and I am getting so many orders from Scottish Highlands and Highlands. Can someone please help me to sort my shipping settings out . So I can put charges for offshore and Scottish Highlands . As I have tried so many times and there is an error coming up(there are some areas which have different charge settings

Answer: You can’t. You have to charg the same price throughout the UK unfortunately

Seasonal item in to FBA

Is it worth sending a seasonal item in to FBA or will it take too long to process at this point (December)?

Answer: If its specific to Xmas, I wouldn’t bother. Too risky that it’ll end up getting caught in a delay checking in at Amazon and not appearing until 22nd onwards

What a prep centre

Could someone explain what a prep centre is? I’ve never heard of one untill today.

Answer: A prep centre can do storage but is more used for ‘preparing’ your Amazon stock. They receive, check, bubble wrap, polybag, label etc whatever your items need according to Amazon, then they are boxed up and sent into the Amazon warehouse ready to be sold.

Branded product as a bundle

What does it take to sell a branded product as a bundle with my own product? For example, say I was selling a mug and wanted to bundle it with a dairy milk chocolate. If this is even possible, what steps would I need to take?

Answer: GTIN exemption request a bundle. Make sure they are not on brand register.

Amazon brand registry

Once brand registry is accepted how do you use the features? Does it appear in the Amazon seller account automatically?

Answer: Yes, it should appear. Some features like A+ content is normally there in the tab but gives an error if you are not brand registered. Also, you have access to brand reports etc.If these features give you error even after brand registration, then open the case with brand registry / seller support and they can enable it for you.

Recommendations for PPC management?

Any recommendations for PPC management? Ad spend around £600 a month. Been stung by an automated platform so think human management is for me.

Answer: Turn it off. I did and sales didn’t change. It’s such a con these days on Amazon. Been selling on there for 9 years and it’s never been so bad. Far too much competition and Amazon filling there boots. I still do Ok but nothing like it used to be

Let us help you with Amazon’s compliance guidelines…

Amazon: A barcode is a symbol that allows an optical scanning tool to identify the product or book title.
Amazon requires that all non-book products carry a UPC barcode (Universal Product Code). We are the most visited and preferred site to safely buy official and legal UPC barcodes. You can order your UPC number(s) without the barcode graphic here 

Book products to be sold on Amazon should carry an ISBN barcode (International Standard Book Number).

: The barcode of product type must scan to an original ISBN or UPC number. If you get a new ISBN or UPC number, you must get a new ISBN or UPC barcode.

Amazon, in order to properly identify your products in their inventory management system, requires a different UPC barcode for each product.

Example: You produce and sell picture frames and want to offer your frames for sale on Amazon. You carry two colors dark walnut and cherry, and both frames come in three sizes including small, medium and large.

How many unique UPC codes are required?
The answer: Six


Product One: Dark Walnut Frame Small

Product Two: Dark Walnut Frame Medium

Product Three: Dark Walnut Frame Large

Product Four: Cherry Frame Small

Product Five: Cherry Frame Medium

Product Six: Cherry Frame Large

: To ensure proper scanning, bar codes should be tested with a full ANSI-certified verifier.

We use ANSI-certified Motorola Symbol equipment to test-scan all barcode label orders. Simply Barcodes strongly recommends test-scanning any UPC code prototype produced by your manufacturing facility before going into mass production.

: If you print your own UPC barcodes, be aware that defects may reduce scannability.

We are barcode experts.

Most local print shops have no experience with the unique requirements of barcode printing and trying to do it yourself may not produce a scannable barcode.

: Bar codes should be printed with black ink on a white background, and there must be 1/4-inch of white space on the left and right sides of your bar code.

We know the requirements and our years of experience offer you peace of mind.


: If your bar code does not scan, you will be liable for non-compliance charges.
Avoid this costly problem!

Our barcode labels conform to the recommended specifications of the barcode equipment manufacturers, and we test-scan to verify usability.

We also offer test-scanning of barcodes and encourage you to use this service before going into mass production.

: New CDs and DVDs should always be shrink-wrapped differentiating them from used copies. Bar code must scan through any protective packaging.

Is your barcode’s scannability in question due to the thickness, quality or other reasons?

We offer a variety of solutions including:

1. Label the outside of your product.

2. Order high-quality, retail-ready CD or DVDs

: The validity of a Product ID is checked against the GS1 GEPIR and databases. If your Product ID is not registered with GS1 then the linked ASIN will be suppressed and it may result in removal of your product creation privileges.

You will encounter this message when first listing a product on Amazon. All of our UPC Codes (Product IDs) originate from GS1 and are properly registered. You can check the “Don’t show this again” box and click “Got it.”