Selling something which I buy from a normal website

So I’m selling something which I buy from a normal website. I Sell it as fba is there an issue with doing this ? Am I doing something eligal or wrong ?


I assume your looking at retail arbitrage and reselling. A few things your going to run into

  1. Amazon deems it used if you buy it and resell it from anyone other than a wholesalers it used ? Arguably not. But that’s their view and you have to abide by it
  2. They will then ask for wholesale invoices. You won’t be able to provide them and then your account is hit with violations sadly
  3. Most big box brands require authorisation for their items to be sold if you don’t have it then you get violations for authenticity

Your best approaching the brands getting their authority and then selling

Competitor registered brand that is a generic word

My competitor registered brand that is a generic word for this product we sell but he registered it in different class and they accepted it. Now he sells his product using unrelated brand…

Answer: Yes you can register trademark in any other class still amazon will register your brand, they dont really care about classes.

Get an intellectual property lawyer to write a letterAttach it to the amazon case. They’ll pay attention

Product is not selling

If your product is not selling, do Amazon take them off their shelves and get rid of them after a certain amount of time?

Answer: Check your ipi for slow movers.Advertise, reduce price, work on keywords and pictures.Then if not bring them back and either relaunch or put them for seller dispatch (mfn

Shipped from the UK to Germany directly to FBA

Has anyone successfully shipped anything from the UK to Germany directly to FBA? I’ve sent a couple of small shipments with DHL but they have been returned to me…

Answer: It can be done, are you putting a German VAT number etc on the commercial invoice? if they don’t have something to clear the goods under they will reject straight away. A lot cheaper and simpler to go to France – if you haven’t put German Vat Number on there then I suspect there’s a lot more information you’re missing

Sending some stock to Amazon German warehouse

I been looking into expanding to and sending some stock to Amazon German warehouse straight from China. I have already registered for VAT, but I’m stuck on the import part and after having received 2 freight quotes, it’s more confusing. 1. As UK company importing into EU, indirect representation is necessary, I been quoted for this service at around 3% of Declared Value, is this familiar to you? 2. How do you work out declared value for customs? I been advised Declared value is not China invoice price + transport + insurance…. but Retail price – VAT – Amazon charges; So if your product sells on amazon for 45 Euros, and vat on that is 7.20 euros, your declared value is 37.8. Another company states Declared value = Retail Price – VAT, without being able to deduct amazon fees which makes it even worse. Do you have any experience? I just want to get my numbers right.

Answer: I do know that it needs to be retail price. Would it be an option to do Pan EU and get the stock into France? Then it’s cost price only and will obviously be a massive saving. France is a lot less painful by all accounts (I’ve avoided DE for that reason)

Local store clearance

I recently purchased some DreamWorks dolls and Hot Wheels kits at my local store clearance and was hoping to sell them on Amazon at a decent profit. Unfortunately, first I have to apply for the brand selling, which is a bit problematic because I only have a receipt from the retail store. Is there a chance Amazon will approve the proof of purchase or not?

Answer: No. They will require an invoice and a receipt won’t cut it

Currency conversion fees

My concern is with currency conversion fees. Amazon US converts USD to GBP when paying me. I then convert GBP to USD to pay my manufacturer. This can’t be cost effective. Anybody else concerned with this issue? Any suggestions on the best way to improve it?

Answer: We’re with World First, although we don’t sell in the US (pulled out). Open an account with them or similar, you’ll get your USD paid directly to them, then pay out again in USD for small fee plus percentage. You should be doing that anyway as the conversion rate with Amazon is horrific

Added new variations

We have problems with Arbitrage sellers on our parent listings where they add new variations. We cant delete them trough seller central and Support just tells us that they cant remove them because they are amazon retailer.Anyone else seen this problem and found a solution?

Answer: You can possible request for the new variations to be split off from your main one. Tread with caution though as seller support will most likely break the variation altogether

Returned a £60 product back but swapped their faulty one with the new one

I have buyer who recently returned a £60 product back to me, they returned a different coloured item in the same box, obviously swapped their faulty one with the new one. They first claimed it was faulty and then messages saying they think it’s second hand and that the colour is blue. They ordered silver. I only send out items that are sealed. The buyer didn’t open a return request and just sent me the messages, I did request that they send me some photos to confirm the outer packaging was correct or a mistake on my part. They didn’t not send any photos and simply sent a message saying they’ve posted it back and that I pay for the return.Where do I stand with the item not being the one I sent out?

Answer: Be very careful if this person writes a review saying that they think it’s second hand. This happened to me . Clearly not second hand as selling 50-100 units a day. Amazon took this variation off Amazon and asked me to write a plan. In my plan I basically denied it all, stating it wasn’t second hand – gave all invoices etc. Amazon rejected my plan. This same person wrote a second review on another variation the same. Amazon did the same. Suppressed the listing. I searched YouTube for tips writing my plan this time. Basically had to write a plan admitting fault and how I was going to make sure this never happened again 🙄 which was accepted and I can now sell this variation again. The original variation with the failed plan seems to have been blacklisted by Amazon they won’t even read any messages requesting this be looked at again. Just a friendly warning . This is a best selling sports product ranking #2 in its category and amazon have blocked it because of one review stating it was second hand!

beware having any feedback along ‘used sold as new’ lines. That spells trouble with suppressed listings and plans of action. Sometimes it’s less cost and agony to just put up with the occasional idiot customer like this rather than try and fight it and run the risk of more serious product listing implications. That’s ultimately your call to make but in my experience, the hassle of trying to deal with one-offs outweighs the small cost of just paying them off/closing the issue.