FBA fulfilment centres

FBA fulfilment centres…Do any of these help you actually get your products listed FBA please?I have HAZMAT products (so Amazon says) and I really struggle to get them allowed FBA

Answer: You can provide the certain certificates which they will be asking when you list the product.

UK trademark in Spain

I have a trademark for my U.K. product. A Spanish-based friend sells the product for me on Amazon Spain. Can they submit my trademark in order to get brand registry? Will they need a contract between me (the owner of the trademark) and them showing that they have sole right to sell on Amazon Spain?

Answer: if I understood you correctly, either you or your Spainish colleague will have the trademark certificate in their name. If its your company it would make sense for you to attain the trademark in your name and then arrange an agreement with the Spanish seller in case Amazon asks. I’ve seen requests for contracts requested been trademark owners and distributors.

Someone has relisted the product which I have created 2022

This is a bit random but caught me off guard and kinda need some help. So I created a product myself and I sell them on Amazon. I’ve just checked eBay and someone has relisted the product which I have created myself and I sell on Amazon, at a higher priceWhat should I do? Shall I contact the seller and tell him to take it down?

Answer: You should not stress, and if it is more expensive unless you have bad feedback it will not affect you

We had the same with a PL product that we only sell on Amazon and then direct from ourselves. We looked in the seller and they had nearly 6k products. They would’ve had to buy the product directly from us and then try to sell it for more then we were.As long as they’re buying my products at full price they can do what they want with it.

Means your doing something right keep it up

Letter of authorization 2022

Amazon currently asked me to switch to a “privately own business and attached a ” Letter of authorization”. How to add this letter? Example letter? Thank you!!!PS: I am an international individual selling for profit without a company.

Answer: The undersigned YOU Company ( Trading as YOUR TRADING NAME) herein duly represented by YOU , owner/director and function, confirms that YOU is authorised to open a Selling on Amazon payment account with Amazon Payments, accept the User Agreement and other Policies, have access to the Selling on Amazon payment account and initiate transactions in the name and on behalf of the Company. Date it, Sign it.

Advice on ordering from alibaba

any advice on ordering from alibaba ?

thinking of private label route but might need help with

do i need a logo ?

do i send this logo to the company

do i make the listing and create shipment and then get it sent straight to amazon fba or to my house ?

if it has no brand do i need to purchase barcode or apply for GTIN exemption?

i have been doing retail and online arbitage but i dont feel stable and when it comes to reporting to HMRC for tax its hard to keep track of hundreads of different items sold and prices , i would rather have a few constant items, £1400 budget, not massive but some experts say this is fine to start and some say £5000-10,000 willing to pay for help to launch by someone from the uk that can speak propper english because ive tried before on fiver and got ripped off and couldnt understand eachother


Yes if you are thinking to do private label, then you need brand name, logo and a decent product.Supplier will print your logo or brand name on your product packaging and yes you will create listing of your brand name, put keywords, make your own content plus photography and rank that listing with ppc.Budget totally depends on the product price and how much inventory you will be ordering.

Item sent back to Amazon missing some parts

I’ve had a item sent back to Amazon and then back to me saying it was damaged. I’ve received it back and it’s missing some parts. I believe they’ve ordered the item taken the bits off and sent it back. Where do I stand?

Answer: This is what some people do when they wants spares but either can’t find the spares, or feel that the spares are a rip-off. They buy a new one, steal the spares, then return the rest. 

You can open the case with amazon saying you have received the product damaged and attach the proof of it. You will reimbursed by amazon if you have refunded the customer.

Marketing strategies

Which marketing strategies outside of amazon do you use?Do you use social media influencers?


 If selling in USA, then, Pinterest, FB, Ticktok doing great for me.If selling on AMZ UK, then Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Ads.

10K of monthly sales and Liability insurance

I am just shy of 10K of monthly sales and Amazon will be asking me for Liability insurance and without it they suspend the listings so can anyone kindly recommend any companies that offer this insurance? I am a own brand private label seller

Shipping company in china has had to pay the duty and VAT

Our factory (who we trust) have said that the shipping company in china has had to pay the duty and VAT in order for our goods to be released. They have asked the factory to reimburse them, and the factory have obviously asked us. We have registered for tax and have an EORI number and assumed the bill would come directly to us. Just wondered if anybody has had this happen. Incidentally we received the goods, without being asked by UK to pay any fees. We are worried about paying if twice, once to the shipping company in china and once here .


n theory, someone does have to pay it for you and you reimburse them.What inco terms did you agree with the factory? This is the most important factor here….If DDP then you’ve already paid it within the cost of your goods (inflated price to cover it).If FOB or DDU/DAP for example, you would have to pay the vat and duty which is the best/safest way to work. However you would pay it directly to your forwarder of choice who pays it on your behalf.The best thing to do here is ask for a copy of the C88 and E2 which are documents showing how your goods have been declared to HMRC.This should, if correctly done, show your business name as importer, the supplier as the supplier, your EORI/VAT number and the correct value for the goods which finally shows the vat/duty payable.

Set up as a ltd company?

When starting your ecommerce business.Have you set up as a ltd company? how do you manage your tax? do you use an accountant or a software?


You can be a sole trader or a partnership, you do not have to be a limited company to be a professional seller.You need to look at the pros and cons of being a LTD company and decide if that is right for you. What’s right for one, is different for another.