old Amazon account

We have a private label product (brand registered) on an old Amazon account. Has anyone migrated a listing over to another account before? If so how easy was the process and where would I start?

Just add your offer into the existing listing, like you do with wholesale products. I think that’s the simplest way.

I am being charged VAT for the items I am selling on Amazon even though I have not met the threshold. Is that right?

you pay VAT on anything else.

Once you reach 85k you will need to collect 20% on behalf of hmrc. I’d be happy to just pay vat on fees

applied for VAT Registration

What do I during the period where I have applied for VAT Registration but I’m still awaiting my number?

My account advised that I need to start charging VAT on my sales but because I don’t yet have my number, Amazon are still charging VAT to me.

Can I upload the VAT number once I have it and request a VAT refund from amazon or will the VAT refund need to come from HMRC for that period?

Yes mate, you can charge and reclaim any VAT going back 6 months if you need to, it might even be longer than that! So start working back pulling out any expenses you had VAT on ready to ask your accountant to reclaim it

Amazon vine

1. If your product has problems, Vine won’t solve them it will make them worse. People on Vine don’t always give 5-star ratings, especially if your product

has problems. It doesn’t matter if they got it for free.

2. Expensive af, I did it. If your listing has no reviews,

it’s def a game changer but it’s a $200 enrollment fee plus the

fba fee for each unit shipped. It also doesn’t guarantee you positive reviews

3. I will not recommend you to use Amazon vine Program.

First of all audit your campaign even product has eye catching listing or not including Title, bullet points, description and main factor images and

attractive video of product. Then creat coupons and promotions. After that advertise it with low budget on fb, TikTok and launch Amazon PPC Campaign with proper keyword research. Hoping for the best. Try to get min 20 reviews

with video comment. For sure, you will enjoy sales.

yone’s thoughts on using Amazon vine reviews for a new product launch ?

sell a low profit amazon business

Anybody know how/where to sell a low profit amazon business? Been making about £4k profit for the last few years with very little management and now I just don’t have time.

Account is 7 years old. 5 listings active with one <10k ranking in toys and games.

Flippa is a great marketplace for selling online businesses

Account Verification Amazon

I was wondering if someone has come across this same Account Verification issue we have or know how to approach it.

We’ve been selling for over 5 years, no issues, no account changes, Limited, UK, I’m the only beneficial owner (also living in UK, lifetime). Out of the blue our account is going through verification. Nothing has sparked this, there’s been no account changes like I said. I understand that from time to time they can put you through verification just to make sure everything is up to date so I’m just assuming it’s this.

Anyway, the issue is that they keep asking for beneficial owner information. Nothing has changed so I just check it and resubmit it for verification. 3 days later they send it back asking for exactly the same thing again. Over and over. I can’t change anything as nothing needs changing and everything is correct.

The only thing I can think of it possibly they want to see my driver licence that the ID info asks for but there’s no upload button to do that. Full name I give is exactly as it is on the driving licence.

I’m getting concerned we’re on day 30 out of the 60 days they give you to do it before they shut us down. I’ve contacted seller support asking exactly what it was they’re stumbling on (but were useless) 🫤 They just said to check “performance notifications” for what is needed (which is the exact text and email they send asking for beneficial owner). Just going around and around. Any advice?

they would need to see a copy of the driving licence. Try using a utility bill, that may give you the option to upload the document.

serious PPC challenges

I’ve been in the Amazon selling game for the past 3 years and have recently encountered some serious PPC challenges that have left me scratching my head.

I added another awesome Private Label product a few months ago, and since then, my ACOS has skyrocketed to over 50%, while my conversion rates have hit rock bottom. I’ve tried working with a couple of PPC experts over the last 6 months, but despite shelling out over 30K in PPC spend, the results have been underwhelming, to say the least.

Previously, I was moving 40 to 50 units a day, and now I’m barely hitting 10 to 15. I’m at a bit of a loss here and would genuinely appreciate any insights or advice you seasoned sellers might have to offer. What strategies have worked for you in overcoming similar PPC hurdles?

Have you experienced a significant drop in sales after introducing new products, and if so, how did you bounce back? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences.

1) Your ACOS has skyrocketed across the whole account? Or just for the new product that you launched?

2) How long ago did you launch the product? And how long after this did the sales drop?

3) Was the new product in the same category or linked to your other products in any way?

1) Acos Gone high across the whole account.

2) launched 2nd product in July and since then i have been struggling.

3) Yes both products are in the Same Category and few days i get sales on 1st product and the other product conversion goes very low and some days I get sales on 2nd product and 1st product conversion goes very low.

My price is lower than most sellers and have good reviews.

yeah it sounds like the 2nd product has cannibalised your sales. Are both products essentially the same thing? As in are your products competing against each other?

لا يمكن للشركة المصنعة أن تزودنا بإيصال ضريبة القيمة المضافة

لقد وصلنا الآن إلى علامة ضريبة القيمة المضافة، ولا يمكن للشركة المصنعة لدينا أن تزودنا بإيصال ضريبة القيمة المضافة / ضريبة القيمة المضافة المدفوعة عند دخول البلاد. ماذا نفعل ؟ كما لو أننا لا نستطيع المطالبة بضريبة القيمة المضافة المدفوعة عند الطلب، فهذا يعني أننا نخسر أرباحنا الحالية البالغة 20%، يرجى المساعدة

عادةً في EXW، سيعطيك وكيل الشحن الخاص بك فاتورة بدفع ضريبة القيمة المضافة عند الاستيراد. ومن ثم يمكنك استعادتها مرة أخرى أثناء إرجاع ضريبة القيمة المضافة. قد تكون هناك طريقة أخرى للقيام بذلك، ولكن استعادة ضريبة القيمة المضافة التي تم تحصيلها عند الاستيراد هي الطريقة المعتادة التي يتم بها ذلك.