Could I please ask for someone’s advice on barcodes for Amazon FBA? Do you use both your GS1 (GTIN-13) and an Amazon FNSKU barcodes on your products when you ship them into an Amazon FBA warehouse? Where exactly do you place both of them – on the product box, on the shipping boxes? Can you incorporate either or both of these barcodes into your customised packaging design when you have your own box design printed? Or do they have to be stuck on as labels? If possible, I would like to include the barcodes on the packaging design because this will save on having to print barcode labels… is that possible?? My understanding is that you need a GS1 (GTIN-13) barcode in order to create an Amazon listing. And then the Amazon FNSKU barcodes allows Amazon to differentiate your product from other sellers as well as organise it in their warehouse. But does this mean that you should put one type of barcode not another or both?


Your understanding in the last paragraph is correct. You need a UPC/EAN barcode to create your listing. This is to tell amazon that this product is valid. Once the listing is made, you no longer need this barcode. You can downloaded your own FNSKU/ASIN barcodes which are specific to your product. This will now need to go on the outer layer of your product packaging. Your can either get it integrated into a packaging design or have it stuck onto the product. Just don’t put 2 barcodes on 1 product!Your shipping boxes are a whole different thing. You will get your barcodes for those when it comes to creating a shipping plan !! So don’t worry bout that yet !