Contacted a customer to remove a negative review

have you ever successfully contacted a customer to remove a negative review? I am thinking along the lines of: Dear X, we are very sorry that you had a negative experience with our product Y. Would you be prepared to remove your review in exchange for a full refund or replacement”?

Print UPC barcode or FNSKU barcode on the packaging?

Do I need to print UPC barcode or FNSKU barcode on the packaging? or is it better to stick label? Would I need any other labels like warning label?


If you personally send the items to Amazon’s warehouse, you can place the labels yourself before shipping.You can pay a fee to Amazon and they will take care of it.If your items go from the supplier directly into Amazon’s warehouse, you have to email the FNSKU labels to the supplier and have him print the FNSKU barcodes on the packaging or place FNSKU labels on the boxes.The FNSKU labels have to be placed above the UPC barcodes (if the UPC codes are on there), covering them.

UPC barcode for my packaging or the FNSKU barcode

I am just wondering if I should use the UPC barcode for my packaging or the FNSKU barcode? Right now my FNSKU is the same as my ASIN which doesn’t seem right. Any help would be appreciated Note: I am using Amazon UK

Answer: FNSKU goes on the product mate.  EAN/ UPC are used to create the listing


Could I please ask for someone’s advice on barcodes for Amazon FBA? Do you use both your GS1 (GTIN-13) and an Amazon FNSKU barcodes on your products when you ship them into an Amazon FBA warehouse? Where exactly do you place both of them – on the product box, on the shipping boxes? Can you incorporate either or both of these barcodes into your customised packaging design when you have your own box design printed? Or do they have to be stuck on as labels? If possible, I would like to include the barcodes on the packaging design because this will save on having to print barcode labels… is that possible?? My understanding is that you need a GS1 (GTIN-13) barcode in order to create an Amazon listing. And then the Amazon FNSKU barcodes allows Amazon to differentiate your product from other sellers as well as organise it in their warehouse. But does this mean that you should put one type of barcode not another or both?


Your understanding in the last paragraph is correct. You need a UPC/EAN barcode to create your listing. This is to tell amazon that this product is valid. Once the listing is made, you no longer need this barcode. You can downloaded your own FNSKU/ASIN barcodes which are specific to your product. This will now need to go on the outer layer of your product packaging. Your can either get it integrated into a packaging design or have it stuck onto the product. Just don’t put 2 barcodes on 1 product!Your shipping boxes are a whole different thing. You will get your barcodes for those when it comes to creating a shipping plan !! So don’t worry bout that yet !

Currency conversion fees

My concern is with currency conversion fees. Amazon US converts USD to GBP when paying me. I then convert GBP to USD to pay my manufacturer. This can’t be cost effective. Anybody else concerned with this issue? Any suggestions on the best way to improve it?

Answer: We’re with World First, although we don’t sell in the US (pulled out). Open an account with them or similar, you’ll get your USD paid directly to them, then pay out again in USD for small fee plus percentage. You should be doing that anyway as the conversion rate with Amazon is horrific

Returned a £60 product back but swapped their faulty one with the new one

I have buyer who recently returned a £60 product back to me, they returned a different coloured item in the same box, obviously swapped their faulty one with the new one. They first claimed it was faulty and then messages saying they think it’s second hand and that the colour is blue. They ordered silver. I only send out items that are sealed. The buyer didn’t open a return request and just sent me the messages, I did request that they send me some photos to confirm the outer packaging was correct or a mistake on my part. They didn’t not send any photos and simply sent a message saying they’ve posted it back and that I pay for the return.Where do I stand with the item not being the one I sent out?

Answer: Be very careful if this person writes a review saying that they think it’s second hand. This happened to me . Clearly not second hand as selling 50-100 units a day. Amazon took this variation off Amazon and asked me to write a plan. In my plan I basically denied it all, stating it wasn’t second hand – gave all invoices etc. Amazon rejected my plan. This same person wrote a second review on another variation the same. Amazon did the same. Suppressed the listing. I searched YouTube for tips writing my plan this time. Basically had to write a plan admitting fault and how I was going to make sure this never happened again 🙄 which was accepted and I can now sell this variation again. The original variation with the failed plan seems to have been blacklisted by Amazon they won’t even read any messages requesting this be looked at again. Just a friendly warning . This is a best selling sports product ranking #2 in its category and amazon have blocked it because of one review stating it was second hand!

beware having any feedback along ‘used sold as new’ lines. That spells trouble with suppressed listings and plans of action. Sometimes it’s less cost and agony to just put up with the occasional idiot customer like this rather than try and fight it and run the risk of more serious product listing implications. That’s ultimately your call to make but in my experience, the hassle of trying to deal with one-offs outweighs the small cost of just paying them off/closing the issue.

Let us help you with Amazon’s compliance guidelines…

Amazon: A barcode is a symbol that allows an optical scanning tool to identify the product or book title.
Amazon requires that all non-book products carry a UPC barcode (Universal Product Code). We are the most visited and preferred site to safely buy official and legal UPC barcodes. You can order your UPC number(s) without the barcode graphic here 

Book products to be sold on Amazon should carry an ISBN barcode (International Standard Book Number).

: The barcode of product type must scan to an original ISBN or UPC number. If you get a new ISBN or UPC number, you must get a new ISBN or UPC barcode.

Amazon, in order to properly identify your products in their inventory management system, requires a different UPC barcode for each product.

Example: You produce and sell picture frames and want to offer your frames for sale on Amazon. You carry two colors dark walnut and cherry, and both frames come in three sizes including small, medium and large.

How many unique UPC codes are required?
The answer: Six


Product One: Dark Walnut Frame Small

Product Two: Dark Walnut Frame Medium

Product Three: Dark Walnut Frame Large

Product Four: Cherry Frame Small

Product Five: Cherry Frame Medium

Product Six: Cherry Frame Large

: To ensure proper scanning, bar codes should be tested with a full ANSI-certified verifier.

We use ANSI-certified Motorola Symbol equipment to test-scan all barcode label orders. Simply Barcodes strongly recommends test-scanning any UPC code prototype produced by your manufacturing facility before going into mass production.

: If you print your own UPC barcodes, be aware that defects may reduce scannability.

We are barcode experts.

Most local print shops have no experience with the unique requirements of barcode printing and trying to do it yourself may not produce a scannable barcode.

: Bar codes should be printed with black ink on a white background, and there must be 1/4-inch of white space on the left and right sides of your bar code.

We know the requirements and our years of experience offer you peace of mind.


: If your bar code does not scan, you will be liable for non-compliance charges.
Avoid this costly problem!

Our barcode labels conform to the recommended specifications of the barcode equipment manufacturers, and we test-scan to verify usability.

We also offer test-scanning of barcodes and encourage you to use this service before going into mass production.

: New CDs and DVDs should always be shrink-wrapped differentiating them from used copies. Bar code must scan through any protective packaging.

Is your barcode’s scannability in question due to the thickness, quality or other reasons?

We offer a variety of solutions including:

1. Label the outside of your product.

2. Order high-quality, retail-ready CD or DVDs

: The validity of a Product ID is checked against the GS1 GEPIR and databases. If your Product ID is not registered with GS1 then the linked ASIN will be suppressed and it may result in removal of your product creation privileges.

You will encounter this message when first listing a product on Amazon. All of our UPC Codes (Product IDs) originate from GS1 and are properly registered. You can check the “Don’t show this again” box and click “Got it.”

Label printer

Thinking of getting a label printer, I use apple laptop. FBA bar code label and UPS packaging label, I’am getting conflicting reviews, DYMO 450 4X and Zebra GK420d What’s everyone using?

Answer: I use a Dymo 450. It’s lasted me for years, never had any problems with it. It’s a workhorse.

Zebra 420. Works great. Got second one for different label size so I don’t have to change rolls all the time.

 I was looking at the Brother QL 1110NWB. It has really good reviews and no issues hooking up wirelessly. It is a bit on the pricey side though.

Barcode labels

Where does everyone get their barcode labels for items? Any specific brands or size you like to use? 

Answer: the best ones are Avery 5160