Advice on ordering from alibaba

any advice on ordering from alibaba ?

thinking of private label route but might need help with

do i need a logo ?

do i send this logo to the company

do i make the listing and create shipment and then get it sent straight to amazon fba or to my house ?

if it has no brand do i need to purchase barcode or apply for GTIN exemption?

i have been doing retail and online arbitage but i dont feel stable and when it comes to reporting to HMRC for tax its hard to keep track of hundreads of different items sold and prices , i would rather have a few constant items, £1400 budget, not massive but some experts say this is fine to start and some say £5000-10,000 willing to pay for help to launch by someone from the uk that can speak propper english because ive tried before on fiver and got ripped off and couldnt understand eachother


Yes if you are thinking to do private label, then you need brand name, logo and a decent product.Supplier will print your logo or brand name on your product packaging and yes you will create listing of your brand name, put keywords, make your own content plus photography and rank that listing with ppc.Budget totally depends on the product price and how much inventory you will be ordering.