Someone has relisted the product which I have created 2022

This is a bit random but caught me off guard and kinda need some help. So I created a product myself and I sell them on Amazon. I’ve just checked eBay and someone has relisted the product which I have created myself and I sell on Amazon, at a higher priceWhat should I do? Shall I contact the seller and tell him to take it down?

Answer: You should not stress, and if it is more expensive unless you have bad feedback it will not affect you

We had the same with a PL product that we only sell on Amazon and then direct from ourselves. We looked in the seller and they had nearly 6k products. They would’ve had to buy the product directly from us and then try to sell it for more then we were.As long as they’re buying my products at full price they can do what they want with it.

Means your doing something right keep it up