Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Answer: Yes, definitely. Our barcodes originate from GS1 before 2002. They are 100% guaranteed to be one of a kind. You are the only person in the world who can legally use the bar code number(s) you purchase. Pre 2002 GS1-USA bar codes are considered a unique business asset. This ownership is protected under basic ownership law and is enforceable through normal legal proceedings if necessary. 

Answer: Yes, almost every store, merchant and website on Earth! This is because every store & country globally adopted GS1’s set of system standards for universal product sales and identification.

There are however a handful of retailers that require you to rent your GTINs. It should be known that GS1 is a private entity and not a government organization. Many of the retailers that require you to rent directly from GS1 are also on their boards.

Answer: Step 1: To “register” a bar code: First thing you would do is personally assign the bar codes to your products, this is done by you/your company and you would have to keep your own records of these associations. Many use spreadsheets or their own POS system, either way, we recommend having your records backed up in case your computer crashes. 

Step 2: Then you register/record this data at the store it will be sold at. Each store has its own internal, private database (aka: Point Of Sales System). This means that every new store/site you approach won’t know anything about your product until you input the data into their private P.O.S. system. 

Step 3: Repeat for all new stores/venues/distributors you approach to sell your barcoded products.

Answer: No. Once your bar codes are issued to you they are yours for life. There are no future fees. 

You would assign a given UPC/EAN (GTIN) to a specific product and it would stay with that product for life. When you cease manufacturing/selling that item you would not reassign that GTIN to any other product. The assigned GTIN would stay with the product itself, for life. While it is possible to reuse a GTIN, it is not recommended and many stores do not allow you to reuse them.

135 million sold

Over 135 million barcodes sold can be seen at your favorite brick & mortar and online retailers