Shipping company in china has had to pay the duty and VAT

Our factory (who we trust) have said that the shipping company in china has had to pay the duty and VAT in order for our goods to be released. They have asked the factory to reimburse them, and the factory have obviously asked us. We have registered for tax and have an EORI number and assumed the bill would come directly to us. Just wondered if anybody has had this happen. Incidentally we received the goods, without being asked by UK to pay any fees. We are worried about paying if twice, once to the shipping company in china and once here .


n theory, someone does have to pay it for you and you reimburse them.What inco terms did you agree with the factory? This is the most important factor here….If DDP then you’ve already paid it within the cost of your goods (inflated price to cover it).If FOB or DDU/DAP for example, you would have to pay the vat and duty which is the best/safest way to work. However you would pay it directly to your forwarder of choice who pays it on your behalf.The best thing to do here is ask for a copy of the C88 and E2 which are documents showing how your goods have been declared to HMRC.This should, if correctly done, show your business name as importer, the supplier as the supplier, your EORI/VAT number and the correct value for the goods which finally shows the vat/duty payable.