Fees for getting products

Can someone list all the fees that need paying from buying from a overseas manufacturer to when the item is sold. From start to finish.


Pre Launch:
Product design
Alibaba sample + Shipping
Logo design
First delivery Stock
Website Domain
Product photography
Duty/VAT on goods coming from outside the EU
Cost of shipping to Fulfillment centre

Post Launch:
PPC / Social Ads
Amazon FBA fee
20% VAT
Income Tax on profits

Label printer

Thinking of getting a label printer, I use apple laptop. FBA bar code label and UPS packaging label, I’am getting conflicting reviews, DYMO 450 4X and Zebra GK420d What’s everyone using?

Answer: I use a Dymo 450. It’s lasted me for years, never had any problems with it. It’s a workhorse.

Zebra 420. Works great. Got second one for different label size so I don’t have to change rolls all the time.

 I was looking at the Brother QL 1110NWB. It has really good reviews and no issues hooking up wirelessly. It is a bit on the pricey side though.

Ressel items bough on Amazon

 I bought something on amazon and have too many. Instead of sending it back and paying shipping and customs, can I add it to my seller’s product list and sell these few items on Amazon?

Answer: I have done this before on some items that I purchased by accident and did not want to bother the poor seller with a return. Worked well for me, actually did only loose a few pennies. I am a seller myself, so I know the trouble with returns.Hide or report this

Barcode labels

Where does everyone get their barcode labels for items? Any specific brands or size you like to use? 

Answer: the best ones are Avery 5160

Variations and parent child listings

Can I create variations or parent/child items from currently listed items? I have some figures that I want to have show on each page in variations, but not sure if I have to re-create the wheel and ASIN’s, etc. or how/if it affects current inventory in stock?

Answer: with flat file upload.

Curse words

Do you know if amazon has any guidelines against products that have cursing? For example, a t shirt that has the F word on it? Will they block it from being a sponsored product etc?

Answer: None are allowd in product pictures

Non-Amazon sales channel

It says two of my sales today were from a non-Amazon sales channel – anyone know what this means?

Hasn’t been updated on the units sold on the seller app but the orders have been removed from my inventory

Answer: Affiliate is when someone external has promoted your product. If they link it on a website , social media or you tube. They will get a commission from the sale.

Irish sole trader

I am going to register as Irish sole trader company to sell on Amazon FBA at the beginning.
In the future, if my business will grow I would like to change to LTD.

What do you think? Should I expect any problems during changing my business to LTD on Amazon?

Do you think that Sole Trader on the beginning would be a good idea? Does it matter for the potential suppliers?

Would not my account be blocked then? Will I still be able to sell on Amazon as a sole trader until change to LTD?

Answer: There is no issue changing from Sole to Limited Company, however as you are changing legal entity it can take Amazon months to do, so bear that in mind.

You request amazon to change your account, you don’t touch any of the account details, so until they do you continue trading on that account.

The switch from sole trader to Ltd co. Went very smoothly with Amazon for me but I have heard of some awful experiences. 

How to add a variation to a product

How do you add a variation to a product that has been selling for 6 months and now I want to add a new variation to that?
What would be the process to create the new variation listing so that it appears together on the page with the old product as a variation ?

Answer: It can be down via a flat flat file. You need to fill in all the details and upload it and wait 15/20mins and it should work. Is a bit tricky but once you know how to do it you’ll get the hang of it.

Smartwatches on Amazon

I am currently selling very well on ebay and want to try Amazon.
Does anybody know whether you can sell smartwatches without meeting any requirements? Is it restricted category? I am not sure whethere it can be defined as electronics or watches category. If so, what are the requirements?

Answer: If its apple no chance. Everyone got kicked off except amazon. Still got hundreds of official iphone cases.