Irish sole trader

I am going to register as Irish sole trader company to sell on Amazon FBA at the beginning.
In the future, if my business will grow I would like to change to LTD.

What do you think? Should I expect any problems during changing my business to LTD on Amazon?

Do you think that Sole Trader on the beginning would be a good idea? Does it matter for the potential suppliers?

Would not my account be blocked then? Will I still be able to sell on Amazon as a sole trader until change to LTD?

Answer: There is no issue changing from Sole to Limited Company, however as you are changing legal entity it can take Amazon months to do, so bear that in mind.

You request amazon to change your account, you don’t touch any of the account details, so until they do you continue trading on that account.

The switch from sole trader to Ltd co. Went very smoothly with Amazon for me but I have heard of some awful experiences. 

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